Disciplined further development:

We want to be better than our competitors. That’s why we work day by day with discipline on ourselves and have the will to constantly improve ourselves.

The sincere interest is shown:

We listen attentively, put ourselves in the position of the other person, and respect that opinion to find the best solution.

Transparency and honesty:

We are upfront and honest to each other. Indirectly, we only say about others what we would tell them directly.


We act on our own responsibility so that all involved parties can count on us.


Let’s start from the beginning:

In 2009, at the Austrian Media Days in Vienna, we presented XIPAX – The ad community, a platform where freelancers and agencies could upload and showcase their best work in an online portfolio. Our goal at the time: to create the largest and most interactive platform and community for the international advertising industry.

When a door closes, a new one opens:

PENG! The dream of a successful startup has burst. Also, the newly launched features on our showcasing platform XIPAX do not produce the desired success. The number of active users is low, the capital is used up and the Marketing of the portal had stopped. Is this the end for us as entrepreneurs?

A few days later, the Manager of our partner, the Art Directors Club of Europe, asks us if we can assist the Cub in handling their Contest. The administrative effort is enormous and the workflow has to be digitized.

However, the available budget does not cover the development costs. Should we invest in this project and sell the tool to other customers? Should we start all over again? With a new product? What if it goes wrong again?
“Then at least we have tried it”, and thus we develop our first submission tool. With the new tool, we support the largest European creative club and help them to significantly minimize their administrative effort.

A path only emerges when you walk it:

Now we are sure: We want to try it again. Otherwise, our mistakes would have been in vain. We reflect on what we did wrong and what we can learn from it. The painful experience has taught us that a product idea must be pleasing the potential users, not the developers. We start to work with the methods of customer development, the lean method and the business model canvas. We learn these methods, implement them in our company and introduce the first orderly processes. Thereby we develop an awareness of structures. We launch the first product version and win over our first satisfied customers.


We are experiencing further successes: Satisfied customers recommend our tool and it becomes more difficult to handle these projects. A long-lasting, substantive discussion – What is more important now, the optimal tool or the optimal business plan? – blocks us. Nevertheless, we can focus our attention on our customers and satisfy them, even inspire them. Our customers remain loyal and we increase our customer base.

“Growing pains” – real success stories are not straight highways:

The growing pains become stronger. Since we finance our business from cash flow, we accept many orders and get resource problems. In this difficult situation, it becomes crystal clear to us why we do not have the spark of a chance.

Back on Track:

Because we do not believe in ourselves from the deepest conviction, we think small and have no winning strategy. We discover our biggest opponent: ourselves. We work to survive and not to win. We do not set ourselves a big goal because we are afraid of not achieving it. We recognize that if we want to develop our business, we need to evolve and not be blocked by previous defeats but draw strength from them.

Only those who think big can achieve great things:

Nothing can stop us, if we DO NOT hinder ourselves! We develop the Will to grow, to develop, the courage to change things. We develop the courage to “think big” and thereby we recognize the true meaning of why we exist, we recognize our values and we plan our BHAG.

Game, set and match:

We live our corporate values and strive for our BHAG. We also show the further development of our company to the outside: a new product, logo, website, and office.

We won the fight against ourselves, we do no longer work to just survive. We work to win. Now we are strengthening our experience in the Competition to develop the world’s best and leading Award Management Software.

BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal

alpha awards is the world’s best and leading Award Management Software.

Why we do what we do:

We are convinced that an Award is an effective tool to achieve a strategic Goal.

How we do this:

We inspire Companies to use Contests to achieve strategic Goals.

What we do:

We develop, optimize and conceptualize Awards. We provide user-friendly Software to digitalize Competitions and make them enjoyable, time-saving, and successful.