Manage Submissions

Track and edit all entries in your Contest via the central Dashboard. As an admin, you can view, edit and change the status of all submissions.

Unlimited number of Participants, Submissions, and Data

Scale your competition without limits and allow your Participants to submit as many submissions as they want.

Overview of the Reviews

Always have an overview of the judging process. As an admin, you can observe which reviews have already been completed and which ones are still open. You always have the opportunity to contact the Jurors and to point out any outstanding reviews.

Fast Data Export

The central Administration means that all Data can be exported easily and quickly at any time.


Personal Submission Dashboard

Once registered, each Submitter can start submitting via their dashboard. Within the Dashboard, Submitters have an Overview of the Submissions and Drafts and can edit them.

Easy Submission

The user-friendly and intuitive handling makes creating and editing Submissions a simple matter for your Participants.

Draft Mode

Participants can save their projects and edit them at any time, and finally submit them by the deadline.


Submissions can be previewed before submission. This allows Participants to view their submission from the Juror’s point of view and, if necessary, make changes.

Fast Data Upload

For a smooth Contest, optimally all common file formats can be submitted regardless of their file size. alpha awards offers universal and scalable Data Management that Participants can easily upload all the usual file formats without size limitations.

Notification Upon Submission

Participants will receive a confirmation E-mail after successfully submitting and can thus be sure that the submission has been received.


Allotment of Jurors

Judges can easily be assigned, so they can only evaluate certain projects. The jurors see in their Dashboard which entries are still to be evaluated and which have already been completed. Each Juror is allowed to withstand the evaluation of a project because of potential bias.

The Evaluation Process

The Jurors see the complete submissions with all the Data. Videos and photos are optimized for web presentation so that the Judges can conduct the evaluation smoothly online.


Judges may award points for submissions and leave comments to justify the Evaluation. The Reviews can be updated until the end of the Evaluation period by the Jurors. This helps to validate the results and ensures a high-quality result of the Competition.

Custom Rating Criteria

You can adjust rating criteria for your contest to set different weights and rating scales.

Perform Reviews Easily

The jurors can view and rate their submissions easily and quickly at any time in a browser window. The Jurors can pursue their evaluation work when and where they want.

Several Judging Rounds

You want to hold two, three or more judging rounds in your competition? This can be set up according to your needs.

Advantages of an Award Management Software

Bad administration kills even the best of intentions

This also applies to Competitions:
No one likes to deal with problems regarding the Upload, Download or Data Management.

That’s where we come in:
We will improve the Administration of your Award so you can spend your time on more important tasks.

Saves Time and Money

Our Award Management Software reduces administrative tasks by up to 70%, guarantees predictable costs, reduces stress levels and allows you to focus on the essentials: Your Award.

Easy to handle

The intuitive user interface allows Organizers, Submitters, and Judges an easy and quick handling.

Optimization of the overall Impression

A professional Award Management Software serves as a communication tool between Organizers, Submitters, and Jurors. Thus, the Software represents the Award among Participants and Jurors. The use of Software underlines the Professionalism of a Contest and creates a positive overall Impression.

More Submissions

The Award Management Software from alpha awards enables the Submitter to submit Applications quickly and easily. This Simplification of the Process protects the Organizer from losing Participants.

Fast Data Export

As an Organizer, you always have access to all files uploaded by your Submitter. Thanks to our fast Cloud Solution, even the complete export of all submitted Data is completed in no time at all.


Applies per Award

2.900,- €*
The best solution to accept Applications easily and quickly.
5 Categories
1 Question set for all Categories
Collect Applications & Evaluate them
4.900,- €*
Collect Applications & Evaluate
The Pro Package offers the full Capabilities to manage the entire Contest online.
10 Categories
Different Question sets
One round of Evaluation
Category Assignment of Jurors
Excluding Jurors from Projects
Individual evaluation Criteria
The importance of the Criteria
We can make custom Extensions and Customizations for you.
Unlimited Categories
Multi-level Rating
Individual Adjustments
Mobile Voting (Smartphone, Tablet)
Technical Support at the live Jury meeting
Payment integration

* Price is valid up to 1.000 submissions; plus 20% VAT /
Image, audio, video upload (fair use) / secure data transfer (SSL) / admin access incl. Export
Desired domain (e.g., / Submissions / Premium Support