About Us.

79 Blue Elephants #EmpoweringGreatness

The 79 Blue Elephants GmbH, based in Vienna, was founded 2014 and develops online tools,
which allow its users (mostly national and international companies and organisations) to
successfully handle digital evaluation processes.

At the moment we find ourselves in a transformation phase where we are evolving our
service-based software into a scalable DIY product. Our declared goal is to be the world’s
number 1 in B2B submission management with our software by 2025.

About You.

You are convinced that not only software has to be constantly developed further in order to
be successful in the long term, but that also we humans have to constantly develop further
in order to unfold our full potential?

That’s what we think too, and that’s why you’ve come to the right place: Let’s walk a part of
this big journey together. We support you with our wide range of development
opportunities, from soft skills training through regular individual and team coaching
sessions, to exciting impulse workshops, to training your hard skills through courses that
exactly match your development needs.

Just like us, you dare to set yourself big goals and are able to structure them well, you are
friendly and keep a cool head in stressful situations? Then you are the perfect addition to
our team.

If you also have

  • at least 2 years of experience in backend development with Elixir or another
    functional language or several years of experience developing and maintaining
    production systems with Python, Ruby or other backend technologies
  • experience with CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes or Nomad
  • experience with databases, preferably PostgreSQL

then we definitely want you in our team to achieve our goals together with you!

Salary range: 50-70K

Your tasks.

  • Development and maintenance of our Elixir/Phoenix backend
  • Develop new solutions together with the whole team
  • Continuously improve tests and documentation of the developed solutions

The team.

We are currently a team of seven people. Three (soon to be four) team members work on
the technical development of the product, three team members take care of marketing,
sales and support. Stefan works on the growth strategy as well as its implementation and at
attracting of the best talents for the growing team. Send your application to, we are looking forward talking to you!