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Whom should you recommend to us:

  •  Organizer of Competitions
  •  Organizations that want to run a Contest in the future

Our Philosophy

We help Organizations to easily and quickly conduct a Contest by digitizing the Submission- and Evaluation-process. We strive to surround ourselves with Organizations and People who inspire us and thus contribute to improving the day to day running of Contests for our Clients.


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No, there are no costs for you as a partner.

You will receive the mediation commission after receipt of the payment by the recommended new customer. We will inform you as soon as the payment has been received.

The commission is paid out to the bank account provided by you. Any fees due to a foreign account will be borne by the recipient.

You will make no false, misleading or fraudulent claims or practices regarding the offers of 79 BE GmbH. As a partner, you will not participate in any behavior that, in the judgment of 79 BE GmbH, is deemed immoral or disadvantageous to 79 BE GmbH customers or their business.